Bridgeport man charged with check forgery

FAIRFIELD — Mark Peeples, a 29-year-old Bridgeport man, was arrested on warrant for allegedly stealing and forging a check.

On May 9, police received reports of a potential check forgery. The complainant said a check from his and his ex-wife’s joint account had been allegedly signed in his name and deposited. Police said the check was for a total of $500 and was made out to Mark Peeples, who the complainant stated he did not know.

The complainant’s ex-wife said she normally keeps a check in the center console of her car and it is possible that she dropped the check at some point as she was exiting her vehicle. She stated that she frequents Fairfield for shopping and going to the car wash, according to reports.

Police contacted Peeples, who said the check had been deposited into his account without his authorization, police said.

Peeples was arrested on warrant in court on Nov. 20 and charged with second-degree forgery and sixth-degree larceny.