BRIDGEPORT — School Board Vice Chairman Hernan Illingworth has resigned and a special meeting has been called for Wednesday to start the process of selecting a replacement.

Board Chairman John Weldon confirmed the resignation shortly before the meeting notice went on line Tuesday and said Illingworth did not say why he is leaving the nine-member panel.

In an email sent early Tuesday morning to Weldon and Schools Superintendent Michael Testani, Illingworth said his resignation was effective immediately. It is unclear if the resignation was also filed with the City Clerk’s office.

Illingworth could not immediately be reached for comment.

In addition to starting the 30-day replacement clock stipulated by the city charter, the board will also consider electing a new vice chairman.

A Democrat, Illingworth was a longtime parent leader who first came on the school board as an appointed member shortly after the ill-fated state takeover of the school board in 2011.

He won the right to complete the four year term in a special election called by the State Supreme Court in fall 2012.

He lost a bid for reelection in 2015 but won a seat back in 2017. His current term should have gone to 2021.

Illingworth, in addition to being vice chairman, was also chair of both the facilities and governance committees.

The resignation is one of several among city school board members in recent years.

If the school board cannot vote on a replacement within 30 days, the decision on a replacement falls to the mayor.