FAIRFIELD — Police allege that a Bridgeport woman choked a former co-worker at a lash salon on Black Rock Turnpike Saturday when she went there to collect her last paycheck. She also, police said, left her 10-month-old son alone in her car while she was in the salon.

Latriese Vann was charged with second-degree strangulation, third-degree assault, second-degree breach of peace, and leaving a child unsupervised.

According to the report, Vann first went to the salon around 10:45 a.m., but the receptionist said her paycheck was locked away and she could not access it. She did, however, make several calls in an attempt to get Vann her paycheck. While the receptionist was talking on the phone to the manager, Vann grabbed the phone and began yelling and demanded the manager come to the studio. She was told the manager would be there by 1 p.m., and that Vann needed to return her key to the salon, police said.

An officer on patrol was then approached by Vann in the parking lot, and she asked him for advice. He told her to return later and to try and find the store key. He said there was a baby in the car’s backseat at the time.

Vann returned later with the key around 1 p.m. and showed it was the correct key, before throwing it on the floor. She then lunged at the employee, who was seated, and grabbed the victim’s throat with one hand and the check with the other. A second employee was eventually able to pull Vann off her co-worker. Vann left the salon.

Police went to her house on Wessells Avenue in Bridgeport and her mother said she was at work. Vann agreed to turn herself in at police headquarters when she got off of work, which she did, just around midnight.

Vann, 24, was released after posting a $100 bond and is scheduled to appear in state Superior Court in Bridgeport March 29.