FAIRFIELD — Marcia Daniels, 63, of Bridgeport, was charged with driving under the influence and larceny after a traffic stop on Sept. 24.

Around 4 p.m., police observed a car stopped at a green light on Post Road. Officers observed a female in the operator's seat of the vehicle who appeared to be passed out with no seatbelt on.

Officers parked strategically in front of the car to avoid the operator pulling away and possibly putting the public in danger. They knocked on the vehicle’s window and the operator, identified as Marcia Daniels, allegedly became alert and began to drive forward, striking the front end of the patrol vehicle.

Police ordered Daniels to put the vehicle in park and to exit the vehicle. Police say they smelled alcohol on Daniels’ breath and that she had difficulty walking. She was turned over for field sobriety testing and found to have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.14 percent.

Officers found multiple items in Daniels’ vehicle that they believed to be stolen from various stores in the area. Police said items were taken from Fairfield University Book Store and Marshalls on Post Road, as well as Cardsmart in Monroe.

Police said the total value of the items was estimated to be over $500.

Daniels was processed and issued misdemeanor summons for driving under the influence, misuse of plates, unsafe start and driving without a seatbelt. She was also charged with fifth-degree larceny by spree. She was scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 8.