Police interrupted a burglary in progress Thursday on Wheeler Park Road, where the suspects purposely drove at officers three separate times as they fled the scene.

A witness called police around 1:30 p.m. Thursday to report a suspicious car drive around to the back of the house, which the resident had just left. While one man remained in the car, a second man dressed in a dark hooded sweatshirt and black pants walked toward the back of the house.

When police arrived, one officer got out of his vehicle and started to walk toward the house when the suspects drove directly at him, police said, as well as at a second patrol car. The suspects fled toward Easton Turnpike and veered toward a third patrol car heading to the scene. That officer made a U-turn, but lost sight of the fleeing car.

According to the home's resident, who had been gone for only about 30 minutes, jewelry and a laptop was missing.

Police are also investigating two other burglaries reported Thursday afternoon, one on Primrose Lane and the second on Bittersweet Road. In both cases, the homeowners did not immediately notice that there was anything amiss.

At the Primrose Lane home, a basement window was forced open and numerous pieces of jewelry were missing from the bedroom.

On Bittersweet Road, the homeowner reported missing from a jewelry box were a wedding band and two chains, one gold and the other silver.