The windshield of a Burroughs Road resident’s car was shattered when two men got into a dispute Sunday night over recyclable materials set outside the home for collection, police said.

The resident told police he saw two men fighting around 8 p.m. Sunday in front of his property. He went out to break up the dispute, and said one of the two men threw a bottle. His intended victim ducked and the bottle hit the windshield of the owner’s car.

The man who threw the bottle left, but apparently not before slashing the tire of the other recyclable collector’s car.

Francisco Rendon, 67, of Birmingham Street, Bridgeport, was issued an infraction for violating a town ordinance regarding unauthorized picking up of recyclables.

Police said they know the identity of the other man in the dispute, and the investigation is continuing. They said the other man lives in Fairfield and has been involved in 14 documented instances regarding disputes over recyclables since 2009.