With makeup contests piling up as fast as the snow that postponed them, statewide and conference officials have cleared the way for high schools to play on Sundays.

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference announced on Wednesday that it will allow postponed games to be rescheduled on Sundays, as long as events start after 12:30 p.m. and both schools mutually agree to a Sunday makeup date. This ruling opens a huge can of worms for athletic directors and coaches alike.

Because of this declarations, games postponed from Saturday in the FCIAC can be made up on Sundays. The FCIAC has a rule stating that postponed contests must be made up on the

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next available off day for both teams.

"When school is cancelled, all games are postponed," Ludlowe athletic director Dave Schulz said. "It is a rare occasion when you can practice on days when school is cancelled because

of liability."

This could throw a tremendous number of events to be contested tomorrow onto Sunday, including the FCIAC cheerleading competition. As of Thursday, the National Weather Service is reporting that there is a chance of snow and sleet for Saturday in Wilton where the competition will take place.

Teams have always been allowed to practice on Sundays, however, if games are

scheduled for Sundays,

three-hour blocks must be allotted and

custodians are paid double

for opening schools on Sundays.

"It's costly to try to open the schools on Sunday," Schulz said.