The much-anticipated full "blue" moon Friday cast a shimmering image, with shifting shadows, over the Fairfield shoreline.

Each was an unusual phenomenon, of sorts -- the lunar sky show was astronomical, the shadows and shifting movements were much, much closer to home.

The land-bound images were courtesy of Yoga for Everybody's "Full Moon Beach," which unfolded tranquilly under the full moon -- the second of the month -- on Jennings Beach.

More than 50 people had registered for the Fairfield-based yoga studio's outing, which also featured a bonfire and drum circle. The bonfire was ignited as the yoga began. The drum circle, led by Rick and Cynthia Quintanal, took shape as the sessions concluded.

There were two yoga groups -- one set of adults led by Kelli Panus and a second of children ages 5-12 led by Kerri Gawreluk. The adult session was intensive while the kids' workout was more loosely structured and freestyle.

Among the adult participants was Evelyne Serais, the owner of Yoga for Everybody on Unquowa Road. There were also mother-daughter teams in the crowd, like Fairfielders Bianca and Michelle Rodriguez. The latter were testaments to the amazing results of yoga and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And that's nothing to be "blue" about.