Car chase ends with buzz in marina parking lot

A man fled into Fairfield early Sunday morning with Bridgeport cops in hot pursuit and lead police from both towns on a car chase to the South Benson Marina parking lot, where he was trapped, tased and arrested on a slew of charges, police said.

Fairfield police said that they first spotted Nathaniel Schlein, 38, of 168 Washington Ave. in West Haven, speeding wildly down Kings Highway East in a blue Ford wagon with Bridgeport police behind him.

He reportedly drove over a grass island in the road near Syms clothing store, where he flattened a stop sign and yield sign and punctured a tire. He then continued down Kings Highway Cutoff towards Ziggy's Bar and turned left onto Grasmere Avenue, police said.

Schlein then drove down Riverside Drive to the marina, police said, where he was surrounded by Fairifeld and Bridgeport cops and refused to exit his vehicle.

A Fairfield officer broke the passenger side window and discharged a Taser into Schlein's skin, police said.

The man was then pulled out of the vehicle, arrested, and charged by Fairfield cops with interfering with officers, reckless driving, evading responsibility and failure to obey traffic signals. He was then turned over to Bridgeport authorities around 1:30 a.m.

The chase began with motor vehicle offenses in Bridgeport, police said. Bridgeport authorities held him on $2,500 bond and set a court date for Nov. 9