Celebrating a comeback from cancer

FAIRFIELD — Charlie Capalbo’s cancer remission is reason enough to celebrate, but Sunday evening’s Capalbo Strong Crushed Cancer Event was also an opportunity to raise significant funds for the Boston Children’s Hospital.

The Fairfield Theatre Company was packed with supporters of Charlie Capalbo — a young Fairfield man who has battled two different kinds of cancer over the past three years, and persevered.

“It’s a miracle that he’s here tonight to be part of it all,” said Marybeth McGee, marketing manager, noting the event had sold out with 550 people.

Funds raised will head to the very hospital where Capalbo received treatment — the family’s way of giving back for the great support they’ve received throughout Charlie’s illness.

It was a familial event with Charlie’s brother Will, who gave him a life-saving bone marrow transplant at the beginning of this year, in attendance, along with their parents and many relatives and close friends.

“It’s just nice to have people from all walks of my life be in one place at one time celebrating a great cause,” Will said.

“Cancer sucks,” announced Deb Placey of Fairfield, a longtime commentator for the New Jersey Devils, who hosted the event.

She said, however, that with the help of organizations like BCH, as well as the many supporters in attendance, “Cancer sucks a little bit less.”

In between numbers by a live band, Charlie took the stage with his family for a brief welcome and thank you.

“Thank you everybody for celebrating my comeback,” he said.

“Not everybody is as lucky as I am.”