Ceremony marks birth of our nation

FAIRFIELD — History is alive and happening, thanks to the Daughters of the American Revolution, and a significant portion of it was celebrated on Thursday, July 4, when the group co-hosted an Independence Day event alongside the Fairfield United Veterans Organization.

The Town Hall Green, which has seen so many historical events dating back hundreds of years, was the location of a ceremony recognizing the birth of this nation.

“All of us have ancestors who were involved with the War for Independence,” said Betty Oderwald, who has close to a dozen relatives she has researched who played a role in the region’s work to start a new country.

“The Fourth of July was the first time we said we were independent, so it’s personal as well as patriotic,” she said.

Along with speeches by several officials, three young actors, playing the parts of John Adams, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson, respectively, read aloud the Declaration of Independence.

“The kids from the high schools have participated for years,” said Cathy Tymniak, who noted that the DAR first co-hosted the ceremony in 1895.

“I think we can all agree that our founding fathers, in an effort to create a free and democratic society, succeeded,” said keynote speaker Richard Miller of Fairfield.

“If not for Democracy, tyranny would still be in vogue,” he said.