Commuter bit by dog walking to Fairfield Metro, police say

FAIRFIELD — Police are investigating a dog attack Thursday morning, as a commuter was walking to the train station.

The 59-year-old victim, a Bridgeport resident, was bleeding profusely from a dog bite to his thigh. He told police that he was walking on Duka Avenue, headed to the Fairfield Metro train station, when he heard dogs barking. When he looked behind him, he said two dogs were running at him. One of them, later identified as a pit bull named Zeus, bit him on the leg.

Witnesses told police that Zeus and the other dog, also a pit bull, Sugar, are often found running loose on Duka Avenue and are never chained up. The owner told police that he kept the dogs on a wire chain that was attached to the chain link fence but that they somehow broke loose.

The victim was taken to St. Vincent’s Medical Center for treatment.

According to the report, Zeus has a history of biting people. The dogs will be quarantined at the Animal Shelter for 14 days, and officials were awaiting confirmation of rabies vaccinations.

No infractions have been issued yet in connection with the incident, but police stress it is still under investigation.