'Concerning' social media post at Warde called for police safety team

FAIRFIELD — An email from Superintendent of Schools Toni Jones to parents Wednesday afternoon addressed an incident at Fairfield Warde High School regarding a social media post.

“FWHS received information regarding concerning content that was posted on social media and may have been seen by Warde students. As always, we take all reports seriously and out of an abundance of caution, involved our Fairfield Police School Safety Team,” the email read.

Jones, in an interview, said that staff had followed up appropriately after a student reported the social media post.

“We take it seriously and investigated it and it was not a threat to the school,” Jones said, adding that it was a “private student issue.”

Police Chief Chris Lyddy said that the social media post contained a television clip that was inappropriate but was not directed at any invididual or at the school. Police responded to the incident at around 11:40 a.m., Lyddy said.

“After a lengthy interview with the student, police determined there was no intent to threaten any school or individual,” Lyddy said, confirming that a student was transported to a hospital for evaluation.

According to the email, school authorities and police “conducted a thorough investigation and determined there was no threat against the school community.”