Connecticut company hopes to 'Trump' other card games

TRUMBULL, Conn. — A Connecticut company is making light of this year's political arena with a Kickstarter campaign promising to make party games great again.

SCS Direct Inc. a consumer products company based in Trumbull, Conn., wants to bring Trump-style gaming to tabletops across America with "Humanity Hates Trump," a card game with satirical political themes and no shortage of GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump in mind.

So far the project, which launched on March 15, has reached $1,738 of its $1,000 goal with 27 days left to go. Backers can choose from five donation tiers that offer various levels of benefits. The product is listed to ship in April of 2016.

"This hilarious game puts a satirical spin on politics, adding humor to the circus that is the 2016 presidential race," the product's Kickstarter reads. "Humanity Hates Trump is perfect for parties and events, presidential debate drinking games, and all-around fun!"

While the game can be incorporated with other popular party games, such as Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples, the company says the game isn't affiliated in any way with the companies—or Donald Trump—and doesn't reflect the company's political views.

Much like Cards Against Humanity, players answer a question or incomplete sentence posed by one card per round with the funniest possible answer they have in their hand of cards. The funniest answer wins the round.

To shake things up, Humanity Hates Trump has added a "Trump" card, which automatically wins a cardholder that round of play.

SCS Direct Inc. said they are not ready to comment on the product yet.

The project is now focusing on stretch goals, or funding levels set beyond the original goal, for the game and may pull another presidential contender into the mix.

"The next stretch goal after this one involves our friend Hillary," a March 21 update on the project's page reads. "You guys will love it!"

Click here to check out the "Humanity Hates Trump" Kickstarter page. Check out the slideshow above to see more unique Connecticut Kickstarter projects.