First Selectman Kenneth Flatto gave a progress report on construction of Fairfield's third railroad station Monday night to the Representative Town Meeting.

Work on the rail depot, planned as part of the Metro Center complex off lower Black Rock Turnpike, is proceeding on schedule, he told the legislative body. The project is running 10 percent under budget, he added.

Flatto said a few remaining concentrations of toxic organic compounds, known as PCBs , on the former industrial site had recently been excavated from the property. Recent construction had revealed less contaminated fill at the site than previously thought, he said.

During the next few months, Flatto said, the principal construction goals will be to cap areas that do have contaminated soil, and to build retaining walls for a road that will run through the site.

In an interview earlier this month with the Fairfield Citizen, Flatto said he expects the railroad station to open sometime in late 2011.