Police are investigating a confrontation at the town skate park between an off-duty Trumbull police officer and a large group of teen skateboarders Thursday evening.

The incident, triggered after the officer warned a teen-age driver to stop doing "donuts" in the parking lot, has produced no immediate arrests. But the confrontation remains under investigation as police study a video of the incident.

Police Sgt. Suzanne Lussier said Friday that police received a call shortly before 5:30 p.m. Thursday reporting that a man and several teenagers were involved in an altercation at the skate park on the South Benson Marina property.

The off-duty officer, Ed Targowksi, who had come to the park with his young son, said that when he saw a teenage driver executing donuts with his car -- spinning his wheels to create circular skid marks -- he approached the driver and identified himself as a police officer. He said he told the driver to shut off the car and give him the keys. The driver did not comply, so Targowski said he reached in, turned off the ignition and took the keys.

At that point, police said, the teen got out of his car and was joined by about a half-dozen friends, surrounding the officer and an altercation ensued.

Targowksi, however, was able to get to his car and produced his police badge, prompting most of the teens to leave the scene.

"Statements are being taken and people are being interviewed," Lussier said.