Courtney Vanlierop, 30, was charged with evading responsibility and unsafe backing after she hit an unmarked police car on Nichols Street Monday night.

Vanlierop was driving a rental van when she struck the unmarked cruiser, denting a quarter panel. She pulled into the auxiliary parking lot on Nichols Street and walked past two officers on her way to Operation Hope. A witness, also a resident of the homeless shelter, said Vanlierop had hit the cop car.

After she walked past the officers without saying anything, they asked her if she was driving the van that hit the police car. She allegedly said she was, but that she did not think the collision caused any damage. She later said she had planned to call police after she checked in at Operation Hope.

Vanlierop was held on a $250 bond and is scheduled to appear Jan. 27 in Bridgeport Superior Court.