A woman who police said demanded convenience store employees pay for her cigarettes and gas, and also allegedly tried to sell her 2000 Mercedes to the store’s customers, was charged early Monday with driving under the influence.

Siobhan Clancy, 49, of Wood Avenue in Bridgeport, was taken into custody just before 2 a.m. Monday. Police received a call from employees at Cumberland Farms on Kings Highway about a customer who was causing a disturbance by cursing and yelling.

When officers arrived, they found Clancy’s car, parked askew in the fire lane. She was inside at the store’s counter, eating a cookie, according to the report. Employees said when Clancy didn’t have the money for cigarettes, she demanded that employees buy them for her arguing that she deserved it since she had spent so much money at the store in the past.

When the workers refused, police said Clancy began asking customers to buy her cigarettes and gas, and then offered to sell them her car.

On the floor of the car, according to the report, were two empty alcohol bottles. Clancy allegedly told police she had consume the liquor earlier because it helps with a parasite that lives in her digestive system.

Police said Clancy was unsteady on her feet and there was a strong odor of alcohol.

Bond was set at $100 and she is scheduled to appear Sept. 28 at state Superior Court in Bridgeport.