An Easton man is facing charges after he ignored an officer's order to pull his car over Monday afternoon.

Robert Auer, 54, of Norton Road, was driving unreasonably fast on Bronson Road, headed for a road work zone, according to the report. An officer working at the site held up his hand to indicate that Auer, who was talking on his cell phone, should stop. The officer said Auer didn't hit the brakes until the last minute, coming to a screeching stop. When the officer told Auer to pull over, according to the report, Auer said, "Yeah, right. See you later," and sped off.

Auer was contacted at home and came to police headquarters later that day. He was charged with interfering an officer and issued infractions for traveling unreasonably fast in a work zone, operating a motor vehicle while using a cell phone and disobeying an officer's signal in a work zone. Police said it was the second time Auer has been ticketed for using his cell phone while driving.

He was released on a promise to appear Aug. 15 in Bridgeport Superior Court.