When police spotted Trevor Dixon, 26, of New Haven, driving down the Post Road with his car's headlights turned off at 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, they pulled him over, and according to the report, charged both Dixon and his passenger, Jessica Jacobs, 29, also of New Haven.

Dixon was issued a misdemeanor summons for possession of stolen license plates, misuse of plates, driving an unregistered vehicle and failure to use headlights. There was no registration for the car, and two canceled license plates were found in the car.

Officer said there was an odor of marijuana emanating from the vehicle, and asked Dixon and Jacobs to get out of the car. While Dixon complied, police said, Jacobs would not, and kept reaching into her purse. She resisted when police attempted to take her out of the car, and once outside, tried to walk away from the scene, police said. Jacobs also allegedly fought police as they tried to place her in handcuffs. In her purse they said they found two buck knives.

Dixon was released and is scheduled to May 6 appear in Bridgeport Superior Court.

Jacobs was taken to police headquarters and charged with interfering with an officer. She was released to Bridgeport Hospital for an evaluation based on statements made during the booking process. With her permission, police seized the two knives and they will be destroyed.

Jacobs is scheduled to appear May 6 in Bridgeport Superior Court.