A Bridgeport man was high on the hallucinogen PCP when he caused a four-car accident in July, police said.

Ivan J. McClure, 28, of Capitol Avenue in Bridgeport, was arrested on a warrant Tuesday, charged with driving under the influence and following too closely.

When officers arrived at the scene of the July 22 accident at Kings Highway East and Jennings Road intersection, McClure was lying on the roof of his car, incoherent and unable to answer any questions, according to the report. He had no apparent injuries but was taken to a hospital for evaluation. A search-and-seizure warrant for his medical records from the emergency room visit indicated his blood tested positive for PCP, police said.

McClure was driving west on Kings Highway when he hit a car that stopped at a red traffic light from behind, police said. He also hit another car traveling through the intersection, causing that car to hit another vehicle.

McClure was released on a $500 bond and is scheduled to appear Oct. 25 in Bridgeport Superior Court.