David Maldonado, 28, of 29 Campfield Drive, was charged with disorderly conduct, second-degree breach of peace, third-degree assault and third-degree criminal mischief shortly before 5 p.m. Sunday after an argument with his stepfather over cigarette smoking.

Maldonado was allegedly smoking in the backyard when his 59-year-old stepfather allegedly said, "When you stop smoking you can come back in" and then locked the back door.

Maldonado ran around to the front door, which the stepfather was able to lock before Maldonado got there. Maldonado then allegedly yelled and kicked the door before punching out a small window pane, according to police. He also tried to unlock the door knob a few times, but the stepfather prevented him, police said. Maldonado then went to his car, grabbed "The Club" anti-car-theft tool and poked it through the broken window pane, allegedly striking the stepfather in the left wrist.

Officers sent to the scene found Maldonado had a one-inch laceration on his right arm, as well as small cuts on his left index finger and left thumb.

Maldonado was released on $100 bond with a condition that he stay away from the house until his scheduled June 27 court date at Bridgeport Superior Court. However, soon after his arrest, he returned to the house, which resulted in an additional charge of violating conditions of release, police said.