Four young men found drinking on the roof at Dwight School Sunday afternoon were issued infractions for trespassing.

Police got a call about the incident around 4:41 p.m. Sunday, and offiers arrived at the Redding Road school to find the four, all in their 20s, sitting on lounge chairs at the highest peak of the auditorium roof, about 35 feet off the ground. Three had beer bottles in their hands, and ran when they saw the patrol car, according to police. They admitted to officers they knew they were not supposed to be on the school roof, and gained access by climbing up from an air-conditioning unit that was on the ground.

Issued an infraction for simple trespass were Paul Hoffman of Fairfield Beach Road, John Harwood of North Cedar Road, Michael Pavlis of Redding Road and Zach Zarookian of Myren Street.