A 35-year-old man, who police say is a suspect in the recent theft of more than $300 worth of condoms, was picked up Saturday night on drug charges.

Joseph Noreikis, of Eustis Street in Oakville, was charged with possession of narcotics when he was found with three paper folds of heroin during a traffic stop, police said. He was being held for State Police from Troop C, who had a warrant for his arrest for identity theft.

Noreikis is also suspected in the local theft of leafblower from a landscaper’s truck.

Police stopped the Ford Escape that Noreikis was driving around 9:45 p.m. Saturday on Kings Highway East. It matched the description of the vehicle involved in an earlier shoplifting at Super Stop & Shop. The Escape is owned by Noreikis’ girlfriend, Laura Vita, 35, who lives on Kings Highway East.

No stolen merchandise was found in the vehicle, but police said Noreikis had heroin in a pants pocket. Vita was issued a summons for permitting the operation of an unregistered vehicle, and the registration plates were seized and the Escape towed from the scene.

Vita was questioned last week about the condom theft from Walgreen’s on Kings Highway, and told police she had driven Noreikis to the store. She was parked in a handicapped spot outside the entrance, and told police that Noreikis got back into the car with a basket filled with merchandise but was unaware of any of it was shoplifted.

Police believe Noreikis was also involved in an incident last week when a witness called to report that a man in a gray SUV stopped on Stillson Road, got out of the truck and took a leafblower from a landscaping trailer parked there.

Noreikis is scheduled to appear on the narcotics charge Sept. 28 at state Superior Court in Bridgeport.