Police are investigating a report received Monday of a motorist described as driving recklessly on Merwins Lane on July 10, who then confronted a mother helping her disabled child get into a school bus.

A woman told police she was buckling her daughter into the seat of special-needs bus around 7:45 a.m. that morning when a man got out of his car and complained to the bus driver that he was inconvenienced because it was taking too long. The mother tried to explain to the man she needed to buckle her daughter's seat belt before the bus could leave, but he allegedly responded, "Then you better be here five minutes early tomorrow or this will be a problem."

During the confrontation, according to the report, he left his car -- a newer black Mercedes -- straddling the street's double-yellow traffic line.

The man, who has not been located yet by police, is described as white, in his 60s, about 6 feet tall, with gray hair and well-dressed.