Frank Pignaturo, 59, of Bridgeport was arrested Monday night after he punctured a car tire, police said.

The car belongs to his estranged wife's roommate, according to police. He and his wife are separated, and she lives on Jennings Road. The couple was arguing in the driveway, police said, and at one point, Pignaturo yelled at the roommate, who said Pignaturo has threatened to slice tires in the past. The roommate told police that his tires, in fact, have been slashed previously but he was unable to prove who did it.

When the officer arrived at the scene, the report states that he could hear air escapoing from a tire on the roommate's car.

Pignaturo, who lives on Minturn Road in Bridgeport, was charged with third-degree criminal mischief. He was released on a promise to appear in Bridgeport Superior Court.