Two men were charged with disorderly conduct after a verbal dispute allegedly turned physical Saturday night.

David Mejia, 34, of Chatham Terrace, Bridgeport, told police he was at a family cookout on Marlborough Terrace. Oscar Gomez, 47, was across the street at his home. Mejia said Gomez, with whom he said he had a business relationship, came across the street and was yelling obscenities at him before the two began to fight. When that happened, Mejia said, Gomez’s relatives came across the street as well to join the dispute, so he threatened to get a gun in order to scare them off.

Gomez, however, said that he came across the street to say hello, and shake hands with other members of Mejia’s family. He said Mejia wouldn’t shake his hand, and told police that he does not know Mejia and believed he had him confused with someone else.

Police said Mejia has a registered gun, but did not have it with him.

Both men were released on a promise to appear at state Superior Court in Bridgeport — Gomez on July 13 and Mejia on July 14.