Cops: Parking ticket dispute caused disturbance

Gene Szerszen, 59, of Aran Hill Road, was issued an infraction for creating a public disturbance after he began arguing with a special police officer over a parking ticket Thursday night.

Szerszen arguing could be heard across the street on Sherman Green where several police officers were attending a candlelight vigil for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Officer Jay Valle and another officer went to check out the situation when Szerszen drove off. While the officers were talking to the special agent, Szerszen drove around the block and back to the Post Road intersection with Sanford Street. The officers signaled to Szerszen to pull over, but he ignored them and swerved into the right lane, cutting off another motorist before taking off again, police said.

The special agent had written down the car's license plate number, and an officer went to Szerszen's house where he admitted to yelling and swearing at the special agent when he came out of Archie Moore's restaurant and found him writing a ticket for parking in a no-parking zone, police said.