Hours after being released from police custody last Friday, Jorge Ramirez was again in handcuffs after police said he stole a bike to ride home from the police station.

Ramirez, 53, who has been arrested 40 times, according to police, first sparked an officer’s interest when he was seen on Villa Avenue on a bicycle, with a second bike nearby. The officer turned the patrol car around, and Ramirez began to ride away. He was stopped a short distance away and, according to the report, told the officer he had stopped to fix the bike’s chain. Asked about the other bike, police said Ramirez responded: “What bike?”

He gave officers permission to search his backpack, which police said held bolt cutters, screw drivers and a glass crack pipe. Ramirez said he was a freelance landscaper and needed the bolt cutters and screwdrivers for landscaping work. However, he was taken into custody for possession of drug paraphernalia.

Despite having been charged in Fairfield in 2013 with using bolt cutters to steal a bike from the Fairfield Metro train station, and a pending July arrest in Trumbull for larceny, Ramirez was released on a promise to appear Aug. 25 at state Superior Court in Bridgeport.

But two hours after his release, police received a call from an Old Post Road resident, who reported a man was trying to break into the property’s locked garage. Asked what he was doing, the man — later identified as Ramirez — said he was looking for “a poodle: and then rode off on a bike, police said.

He was found by police on Kings Highway Cutoff, but denied being at the Old Post Road address, police said. Ramirez did, however, allegedly admit to taking the bike he was riding after he saw it leaning against a utility pole near Sherman Green, just down the street from police headquarters.

According to the report, Ramirez, who lives on Summit Street in Bridgeport, said he didn’t want to walk home, so he took the bicycle.