A Denise Terrace woman was charged with third-degree assault after she struck her as they argued Wednesday afternoon because, according to the police report, his girlfriend was sitting in his car in their driveway.

Cheryl Simpson, 49, came to police headquarters around 1:30 p.m. to report the incident. Her husband and his girlfriend also came to headquarters to file their report, according to the report.

Simpson and her husband began to argue after Simpson came home and found her husband's car -- and his girlfriend -- in the driveway, police said. When Simpson approached the car, the husband stepped in between his wife and the vehicle to intervene, according to the report. He told police Simpson punched him in the face, while she said she had raised her hands in a defensive gesture and struck his lip.

Because the husband had a cut on the inside of his lip, Simpson was charged with assault. According to the report, the husband said he just wanted an apology, but state statutes require an arrest in a domestic violence case where there are signs of injury.

She was released on a $5,000 bond and was scheduled to appear the next day in Bridgeport Superior Court.