Cops: Woman claims she was paid to shoplift at Home Depot

Nanette Feliciano, 36, told police she was paid by a Bridgeport salon owner to steal track lighting components from Home Depot, 541 Kings Highway Cutoff, on Tuesday evening.

Store security officers saw Feliciano enter the store carrying a large black purse and a large canvas bag. She went to the electrical department where she allegedly put four track lighting heads, worth a total of $140, into her bags and left the store without paying, police said.

Feliciano later said a Bridgeport salon owner offered to pay her $50 to steal the items. She said he had people going to various Home Depot stores to steal items needed for the salon.

This claim could not be verified.

During a search after her arrest, police said they found Feliciano possessed heroin, two crack cocaine pipes and four hypodermic needles.

She was charged with possession of narcotics, possession of drug paraphernalia and sixth-degree larceny. Feliciano, who lives on Iranistan Avenue in Bridgeport, was released on a promise to appear Nov. 7 in Bridgeport Superior Court.