A Super Stop & Shop customer is facing charges after police said she was drinking beer and eating food inside the Villa Avenue store Monday.

Francine Burnett, 48, of Elmwood Street in Bridgeport, was allegedly seen by store security officers taking a beer off the shelf, opening it and drinking it. She then went to the deli counter, where she ordered a sandwich and onion rings, took them to a table, and began to eat. She had not paid for the beer or the food, police said.

She was still at the table when officers arrived. She also had a green Stop & Shop bag filled with Nyquil and toothpaste, but Burnett denied the bag belonged to her, according to the report. However, police found her cell phone in the bottom of the bag.

She was charged with sixth-degree larceny and released on a promise to appear Aug. 20 in Bridgeport Superior Court. Burnett was also warned not to return to the store.