Jennifer Mazzeo, 34, of Tower Road, Brookfield, was issued a misdemeanor summons early Sunday after police said she drove recklessly through a Kings Highway East construction site.

A police officer working at the site said Mazzeo was driving at a high rate of speed, and he had activated the cruiser siren and air horn to try to stop the car and alert construction workers of the potential danger.

Mazzeo, the report states, drove through the orange traffic cones and into the construction zone, narrowly missing a piece of construction equipment. She was stopped on Maryland Street, but said she didn't know the police car was blocking the road because of the construction work, according to the report.

Mazzeo was issued the summons for reckless driving and failure to obey an officer's signal. She was released on a promise to appear May 13 in Bridgeport Superior Court.