A woman who came to her boyfriend's aid as he was being charged with driving under the influence late Wednesday faces a charge of interfering with police after she allegedly pushed and kicked officers, police said.

The incident took place after police received a report that someone trying to enter the Penfield Beach parking lot had glassy eyes, slurred speech and "seemed out of it," according to police records.

The driver of the vehicle, Evan Driscoll, 31, of 672 Knapps Highway, failed a field sobriety test.

During Driscoll's field sobriety test, police said his girlfriend, Nell Rient, 27, of Washington, D.C., got out of the vehicle and attempted to push two officers out of the way as she attempted to pull him back into the car. After scuffling with police, Rient was handcuffed, but freed herself while in the back of the patrol car. After four to six officers succeeded in applying the handcuffs again, she allegedly once more broke out of them but this time complied with officers' directives, according to the report.

Rient was released on a promise to appear July 11 in Bridgeport Superior Court. Driscoll, released on $100 bond, also is scheduled to be in court July 11 on the DUI charge.