A 23-year-old New England Avenue resident, apparently upset with commuter parking on her street, was issued a summons for third-degree criminal mischief Tuesday, after she allegedly smeared dog feces on a car door handle parked in front of her house.

Police received a call around 7:30 p.m. from a commuter who said she had just returned to her car parked on New England Avenue to find the dog feces on her car. She said the same thing happened Dec. 14. The new Fairfield Metro train station, which still has parking spots available for a fee, is within walking distance.

Officers talked to several neighbors, and one said that commuters are often parked all over the street, blocking access to driveways.

The complainant was parked in front of Kimberly Ann Porter's home, and when officers went to talk to her, she said that someone had also smeared dog feces on her car. However, police said car's door handle appeared to be covered only with road dust, and they also found a plastic bag with dog feces in one of Porter's garbage cans.

According to the report, Porter later admitted to smearing the dog feces on the car.

Porter was released on a promise to appear Jan. 8 in Bridgeport Superior Court.