The town’s schools chief is once again at the head of the class among the highest-paid employees on Fairfield’s public payroll for 2015, a list populated exclusively by educators, police and firefighters.

Superintendent of Schools David Title was paid $293,504 last year, first among the 25 largest compensation packages.

He was followed on the list by police Lt. Jeff Bloch ranked second, with earnings totaling $243,948. Of Bloch’s wages, $1,334 came from outside duty service, which is paid by private contractors.

Of the 25 employees, 12 are police officers, seven are educators and the remainder are firefighters. According to Lt. Keith Broderick, head of the police union, many officers’ pay was also boosted by retroactive pay increases following their contract settlement.

The police contract was settled last July 26 after members worked two years without a contract.

“This made for retroactive pay on all wages since July 2013,” Broderick said. “The raises of 2.49 percent applied to all wages and overtime in the previous two years.”

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Top wage earners on the town’s public payrool for 2015 are as follows (outside pay shown in parentheses):

Superintendent of Schools David Title, $293504

Police Lt. Jeffrey Bloch, $243,948 ($1,334)

Police Lt. Christopher Tursi, $242,382 ($71,334)

Police Lt. Robert Kalamaras, $196,163 ($6,614)

Police Lt. Keith Broderick, $193,038 ($7,884)

Deputy Superintendent Karen Parks, $190,827

Officer Kevin Wells, $189,042 ($30,100)

Sgt. Michael Paris, $181,328 ($4,067)

Assistant Fire Chief Schuyler Sherwood, $179,910

Fire Chief Richard Felner (retired in 2015) $179,109

Police Sgt. Greg Gunter, $178,592 ($915)

Assistant Fire Chief Chris Tracy, $177,004

Fire Inspector Francis Ference, $176,661

Officer Christopher Mastronardi, $176,622 ($41,022)

Police Sgt. Jeremy Zdru, $175,722 ($29,446)

Police Lt. Michael Gagner, $175,086 ($2,623)

Officer Gary Wikman, $174,898 ($48,873)

Assistant Fire Chief Scott Bisson $172,952

Police Chief Gary MacNamara, $172,049

Director of School Operations Thomas Cullen, $171,454

Fire Lt. Patrick Barry, $171,094 ($1,438)

Fairfield Woods Middle School Principal Gary Rosato, $170,430

Director of School Finances Doreen Munsell, $168,848

Director of School Human Resources Ann Leffert, $168,803

Director of Special Education Andrea Leonardi, $168,073

Assistant Fire Chief Erik Kalapir, $167,452 ($1,642)

In addition to the raises, Broderick said, the contract also meant officers’ contributions to pension and other post-employment benefits increased, along with the employees now paying 13 percent of the cost of health-insurance costs.

“It looks like a big jump in salaries, but it was basically three years of raises at one time, and all the retroactive pay which we had not received,” Broderick said.

With the retirement of Lt. Thomas Mrozek, his position was filled on an overtime basis by other officers until a promotional test was held and promotions granted, Broderick said.

The police union chief also said officers should not be criticized for working on-duty overtime or outside jobs. “If anyone held a second job in addition to their primary job, they would be labeled a hard worker,” Broderick said. “The town is actually reimbursed for all outside jobs and makes money on those officers doing the jobs. The town additionally bills out per hour for all the police cars we use on those outside jobs.”

First Selectman Michael Tetreau’s annual salary of $131,428 does not even crack the list of the 25 highest paid.