FAIRFIELD — Fairfield police and school administrators led the way on the list of the town’s top 15 earners for 2018.

Recently promoted police captain Christopher Tursi was first, with a gross income of $267,988, though $118,167 of that came from outside services where private contractors pay for police services.

“There are a number of reasons for having salaries above and beyond their base salaries. One major factor is outside jobs,” Lt. Keith Broderick said. “These are contractors, schools and sporting events.”

Schools Superintendent Toni Jones, who is heading for her new role in Greenwich this summer, came in second with $236,640. Her starting salary as Greenwich superintendent, as part of her contract, is expected to be the same amount.

Gary MacNamara, former police chief and current executive director for public safety and government affairs at Sacred Heart University, also found his way onto the top earners list at $195,736. MacNamara retired in late 2018.

Out of the 15 top earners, 10 are police officers, four are public school administrators, one is in the fire department and another is a Town Hall employee.

The high school headmasters — David Ebling and Greg Hatzis — tied for 15th place at $184,514 each.

The only town employee to crack the top 15 was Human Resources Director Emmet Hibson, who earned $187,865 last year. Francis Ference, fire inspector, was also on the list at $187,492.

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2018 top earners

(amount in parenthesis is outside pay)

1. Police Capt. Christopher Tursi $267,988 ($118,167)

2. Superintendent Toni Jones $236,640

3. Police Lt. Jeffrey Bloch $235,401 ($8,755)

4. Officer Kevin Wells $217,849 ($53,595)

5. Detective Sgt. Matthew Riendeau $215,105 ($17,512)

6. Police Sgt. Jeremy Zdru $212,130 ($49,631)

7. Police Capt. Robert Kalamaras $204,268 ($19,027)

8. Officer Donald Matejek $199,802 ($82,470)

9. Former Police Chief Gary MacNamara $195,736

10. Police Lt. Keith Broderick $195,284 ($35,419)

11. Chief Academic Officer Robert (Mike) Cummings $188,598

12. Human Resources Director Emmet Hibson $187,865

13. Fire Inspector Francis Ference $187,492

14. Police Sgt. Mike Paris $185,862 ($2,535)

T15. Headmaster of Fairfield Ludlowe High School Greg Hatzis $184,514

15. Headmaster of Fairfield Warde High School David Ebling $184,514

Broderick added that state safety grants, like hours worked for enforcement of motor vehicle offenses like driving under the influence, also form part of outside hours that the town is reimbursed for.

“The officers work very very hard and spend a number of hours away from their families. They work on holidays, weekends and during storms while most are at home with their families,” Broderick said.