Police are warning residents about phone scams and harassment following two separate incidents last week.

In the first case, an Old Spring Road resident reported that she has been receiving harassing phone calls on her cellphone by a man with a foreign accent claiming to be in the medical field. During one call, he said he was from Afghanistan and was going to blow her up, according to the report. Police said an Internet search turned up many complaints about calls coming from that same number -- 914-497-6869. Police advise people not to answer calls from that number, or any number they do not recognize.

In the other incident, police were called by a medical office on the Post Road concerned because a man had called an office employee to say that her son had been in accident. The son was supposedly being held by an individual who would not release him until he received $600, the caller said. The woman left the medical office in hysterics, co-workers said, and they could not reach her by phone.

She later returned to the office and said she sent $600 via Western Union to Puerto Rico. However, police said both her sons were safe and neither had been in an accident.