With fake identification cards becoming more sophisticated and easier to obtain, Fairfield police are issuing warnings not only to bars and liquor stores, but parents as well.

"It scans, it has the holograms," police Lt. Thomas Mrozek said of the latest generation of false IDs turning up in town. But photo backgrounds that are too bright and licenses that appear too "shiny" have tipped off liquor store owners and police in recent weeks to a new wave of fake IDs.

"January 22 was our first hit" with one of the latest false IDs, Mrozek said. "Now that I've walked around with these, the liquor stores are pretty much up to date."

He said underage drinkers get buy two fakes licenses for $200 online, in case one gets confiscated.

"We've seen a whole influx of these," Mrozek said, noting that one liquor store owner turned in five fake IDs in only one week.

A 17-year-old was arrested Saturday trying to buy alcohol with a false ID, and Vincent McAvey, 18, of Fogwood Road, was charged March 7 with using one at That's the Spirit Shop on Fairfield Beach Road.

Those caught trying to use a fake ID be fined up to $400 and also have their license suspended.

The IDs are bought through websites, and Mrozek said officials believe the one being used for the latest forgeries is an off-shore website, possibly located in China.

In addition to making themselves vulnerable to an arrest, police said the teens also open themselves up to identity fraud.

"You're giving this website your name, address and date of birth," police Sgt. Suzanne Lussier said, adding that parents should also be vigilant. A tell-tale said, she said, is that many teenagers are paying for these IDs with a debit or credit card.

"Parents can play an important role here," Chief Gary MacNamara said. "Nothing positive comes out of possessing a fake ID."