The Board of Selectmen got a look last week at the enclosed walkway under design for Osborn Hill School, a feature that had at one point been cut by the selectmen because of an estimated $471,534 construction cost.

The building committee overseeing the $4.5 million renovation project at the school was expected to meet Thursday to give final review and approval to the design for a walkway that would connect the school's annex with the main building.

"If we go with this design," building committee Chairman Kim Marshall told the selectmen, drawings will be prepared and then the panel will seek bids on the walkway before returning for additional funding. "We want to make sure we a solid number for the construction," she said.

The Osborn Hill project also includes the remediation of PCBs in windows and doors, and replacing those windows and doors, as well as remediation of PCBs found in the gym, which has been off-limits since the toxins were discovered.

Original cost estimates for the enclosed walkway were $70,000. The entire project was funded at $4.2 million, but since then an extra $340,633 in costs arose because of more testing and additional work needed in the gym.

The committee will return for approval of money needed to build the walkway after it has received bids, likely in May and June. Work on the walkway will not be finished by the start of the next school year, but some work can be done on weekends.

Marshall said fiberglass reinforced panels will be used for the project, with some windows.

The committee doesn't know the cost yet, Marshall said, but members believe this type of covered walkway will be the most economical while providing protection to students.

"I think this is important and I'm glad we're including this," Selectman Kevin Kiley said.