FAIRFIELD — Two teens said three men in black hoodies tried to rob them Monday afternoon as they were walking on Knapps Park Drive.

One of the victims said he and his girlfriend were walking down the street when the three would-be robbers approached. One of the three, described as white or Arab, grabbed the teen by his shoulder and pulled what appeared to be a black gun from his pocket, saying, “See this gun? Give me your (expletive) phone.”

When the victim responded that the gun looked like a plastic Airsoft gun, the suspect put the gun away and then threatened to hit the victim if he didn’t turn over his earbuds. When the teen refused, the suspect grabbed the girlfriend’s shoulder and demanded her “stuff.” At that point, as a car was driving by, the boyfriend jumped into the street and told the driver the pair had been robbed.

The three suspects ran off the Evergreen Condos and backyards, chased by the boyfriend. He said the three got into a Nissan and drove away.

The girlfriend told police she believed she could identify the “gunman,” and police received another call about a suspicious car — a Nissan — parked on Knapps Highway near McKinley School. The caller said one person was in the car, and two other men came running out of backyards and got into the car.

Police have had previous contact with the suspect the girlfriend identified.

One of the two suspects is described as about 6 feet, 2 inches tall, with short dreadlocks. The second is 5 feet, 4 inches tall, with a “puffy” Afro and a thin mustache.

The incident remains under investigation.