What began three years ago as a way to say goodbye to now-retired town Building Official James Gilleran has turned into a tradition — and a competition — for municipal employees.

Gilleran, known for being a bit Christmas crazy, would always spend the Thanksgiving break decorating the Building Department offices with holiday decorations. As a tribute, his fellow employees decorated their department’s doors in 2013 when Gilleran retired.

Chrissy Boccamazzo, an assistant in the Human Resources Department, wasn’t content to let the idea fade, and the next year, the competition began, with office doors decorated as favorite Christmas movies. This year, the theme was favorite Christmas songs, and more departments than ever participated, she said.

Serving as judges for the competition were Public Works Superintendent Scott Bartlett and Assistant Planning Director James Wendt. Armed with worksheets to judge the doors, Bartlett, Wendt and Boccamazzo made their way through Sullivan-Independence Hall, old Town Hall, the Fairfield Woods Branch Library, the town garage and the public health nurses’ office to judge entries.

Something competitors might want to keep in mind for next year — the judges may not be averse to a touch — or taste — of bribery. At the Engineering Department, surveyor Scott Leaman came bearing a plate of cannolis, in keeping with the tableau illustrating “Dominick the Donkey,” while the public health nurses had dishes of tropical jellybeans and macadamia nuts. Their song was “Mele Kalikimaka, A Hawiaan Christmas.”

Some entries were high tech, like the Recreation Department, while others were pretty basic. The Health Department simply had two large teeth, both labeled “front.” At the first selectman’s office was a quiz, with visitors asked to guess what song was depicted by the front-door decorations, and the Community and Economic Development office used the opportunity to rewrite “The 12 Days of Christmas.”

“This is going to be harder than I thought,” Wendt said, before he and Bartlett retired to a conference room to make their choices.

And the winners are:

Most Shameless Use of Bribery (tie): Engineering Department, Public Health Nursing

Best Use of Departmental Function Tied Into Display (tie): Community and Economic Development, Public Works Garage Administration

Most Imaginative Use of Theme: First Selectman’s Office

Funniest Prop: Public Works Garage

Most Detailed Use of Props: Building Department

Best Special Effects: Recreation

Best Overall Use of Theme Song: Engineering

Best Festive Overall Display: Public Health Nursing