Delinquent taxpayers owe the town more than $2 million in taxes, interest and fees, as a new fiscal year is about to begin.

According to the list released by the Tax Collector's Office, as of June 5, Karin and Bradley Jack owed the most among the top 25 tax delinquents with $294,900 due on their estate at 1155 Sasco Hill Road, the town's most highly valued residential property.

The Jacks, who are now divorced, were on the list of delinquent accounts in 2012, but paid $407,885 to bring their account current before a sale of tax-delinquent properties that year. That was the first year the town held a tax sale.

Of the 25 largest accounts this year, only one -- 937 Post Road, home to Tony's D's bar and a barbeque restaurant -- is a commercial property.

Total tax delinquencies add up to $2,071,606, according to the office.

"Most of the accounts in the tax sale in 2012 were businesses," Tax Collector Cinda Buchter said. All property owners, with the exception of a Harbor Road property owner, had made payments bringing their accounts current before the 2012 tax sale, and that was the motivating factor for the sale, then-Fiscal Officer Paul Hiller said at the time.

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The town's top 25 property-tax delinquent s as of June 5, 2014,
Property, owner Owed
1. 1155 Sasco Hill Road, Karin & Bradley Jack $294,900
2. 963 Fencerow Dr., GLAD Enterprises LLC $288,723
3. 138 Evergreen Hill Rd., John & C&ace Fraser $109,863
4. 1131 Sasco Hill Rd., 1131 Sasco Hill LLC $97,552
5. 940 South Pine Creek Road Marilyn Herlin $79,805
6. 66 Meadowcrest Road, Stuart Segall $73,680
7. 46 Linley Drive, estate of John Stopa $72,424
8. 323 Old Dam Road, Charles Costa, trustee $72,287
9. 561 Reef Road, estate of Mary Bevans $71,662
10. 3141 North St., Stephen Phlip & Caroline Bentz $65,664
11. 201 Algonquin Rd., John Gulash Jr. & Susan Hankins, $65,379
12. 452 Brookside Dr., Elks Lodge No. 2220, Inc. $64,011
13. 937 Post Rd., Xynaptica Corp $60,511
14. 492 Ruane St., Andrew & Thomas Pawl & Rita Harvey $59,968
15. 171 Brooklawn Terr., estate of Elizabeth Fitzgerald $59,005
16. 93 Millspaugh Dr., Eleanor & Rosa Palmieri $58,434
17. 1236 Fairfield Beach Road, Maria & Andriolas $58,269
18. 168 Glengarry Road, Sara Gardner $56,511
19. 479 Westway Road, Whitecap Fund I LP $55,182
20. 395 Szost Drive, Russell Delet-Kanic $54,525
21. 37 Blueberry Lane, Steven & Cynthia Baumann $50,575
22. 87 Catherine Terrace, William & Patrick Lane $50,195
23. 175 Old Post Road, Paul & Barbara Winsor $50,192
24. 111 Wagon Hill Road, estate of John P. Callahan $49,000
25. 122 Brookside Dr., Nic'lina Lauria & Ger'dine Kerstetter $48,860

Asked whether the town might conduct another sale of tax-delinquent properties, Buchter said it is under consideration.

"We're discussing it," she said. "This is something we take very seriously because it will be involving people's homes. Also, we're going to hopefully get into a better economy."

Many of the homeowners among the 25 largest tax-delinquent accounts were on the list last year as well as the year before, such as John and Candace Fraser, who owe $109,863 on their home at 138 Evergreen Hill Road, or Marilyn Herlin, whose unpaid tax bill on her property at 940 South Pine Creek is now $79,805.

In 2012, the Frasers' tax bill was $40,446, and in 2013, it was $74,584. The unpaid tax on Herlin's property was $47,844 in 2012 and $76,159 in 2013.

GLAD Enterprises LLC owns the house at 963 Fencerow Drive, and this year owes a total of $288,723. In 2013, that bill was $95,714.

"Some of them are making progress," Buchter said. "The problem is the payment they're making is not larger than what they own, so they're not making any headway."

Under state statutes, payments on overdue tax bills are applied first to any interest and fees owed, then to the taxes themselves. Any past tax bills must be paid in full before payments are applied to current taxes.

"We sent out letters and statements," Buchter said of the notification of property-tax delinquents. "We don't treat them any differently. Many will come in and speak to me if they are having financial difficulties, but it doesn't change anything, except that now I'm aware of it."