Following is the certified slate of candidates endorsed by Fairfield Democrats for the Nov. 8 municipal election (*denotes an incumbent):

First Selectman

Michael C. Tetreau*


Cristin McCarthy Vahey

Board of Finance

Elaine G. Gaffney

Patrick D. McCabe

Board of Education

Philip Dwyer

Neal Fink

Jessica Gerber

Jennifer Maxon Kennelly

Stacy Zahn*

Board of Assessment Appeals

Stephen E. Tower

Timothy P. Sheehan

Town Plan and Zoning Comm.

Patricia M. Jacobson

Sally E. Parker*

Anita Rappoport

Marc G. Andre

Zoning Board

of Appeals

Edward Cheffetz

Duncan A. Keith Sr.

Samuel G. Boyarsky

Megan Hannum


Joseph Gall*

David J. Peck

Eugene Short

Ruth A. Smey*


Town Meeting

District 1

Mary Cody

Kevin J. Lennon

Linda Snelham-Moore

David J. Peck

Harold Zawadski

District 2

Marc G. Andre

Jack H. Bloom

David Lee Collins

Donald Knuth

John R. Mitola

District 3

Mary L. Hogue

Neil A. Lippman

Hetty Nerod

Coralee Reiss

Bill Sappone

District 4

Andrew Baumgardner

Heather Dean

Douglas A. Jones

Alan W. Menillo

Alan G. Smith

District 5

Joseph Gall*

Josh Garskof*

Chris McAleese*

Ruth A. Smey*

Ann Stamler*

District 6

Christopher J. Brogan*

Leonora P. Campbell

Julie K. Gottlieb

Sheila H. Marmion*

Jay G. Wolk

District 7

Jennifer A. Hochberg*

Kevin L. Hoffkins*

Eric S. Newman

Marc Patten

Harold G. Schwartz*

District 8

Bill Barret

Mitch Fuchs

Robert Greenberger

Allen Marks

District 9

Gregory M. Alprin

Wiliam M. Burke

Susan Burstein

Kathleen Doherty Griffin

Mary M. Saunders

District 10

Charles D. Abercrombie

Megan H. Hannum

Sally Harold

Kenneth R. Lee

Trygve R. Sandberg