FAIRFIELD — Two local food establishments failed health inspections in May despite obtaining scores of 80 or higher, the minimum score needed to pass, on 4-point deductions.

The Tasty Yolk and Rio Bravo obtained scores of 93 and 80 in May health inspections, respectively, but garnered 4-point deductions that warranted subsequent re-inspections.

Health inspections are based on a 100-point score. A score below 80 points or a single 4-point deduction results in a failed health inspection; subsequent re-inspections are carried out typically two weeks after the original inspection is completed.

The Tasty Yolk, a food cart on Post Road in town, obtained a score of 93 with a single 4-point deduction on a May 10 inspection with notes from the inspection report that egg, bacon and cooked potatoes “must be stored either below 41 degrees Fahrenheit, above 135 degrees Fahrenheit or if using time labeled and discarded in 4 hours.”

On June 4, the food cart aced its re-inspection with a perfect score.

“The Tasty Yolk has made all necessary corrections with regard to labeling and signage and has received a rarely given perfect score of 100 on its inspection,” Mike Bertanza, co-owner of the Tasty Yolk, said.

The Health Department, in previous reporting, has said that a single inspection is just a snapshot in time and that overall inspection scores are more indicative of any particular establishment.

“Safe handling of our food is our top priority and we are grateful to the Fairfield Health Department for assisting us with their recommendations and continued guidance through the ever changing regulatory environment,” Bertanza added.

Rio Bravo, located on 770 Commerce Drive, obtained an 80-point score on a June 2 inspection with two 4-point deductions due to a cooler that was out of temperature.

The restaurant obtained a score of 93 on a June 13 re-inspection but failed once again due to the cooler temperature, an issue that the restaurant owner said had been fixed after they ordered new equipment.

Rio Bravo earned a score of 98 on a June 17 re-inspection once the two new refrigerators were installed.

“Our refrigerator was down, it was a temperature issue. We tried fixing it but now we have two brand new refrigerators” the owner said when reached by phone.

Correction: An update to the story notes that the health inspection report included that food items must be labeled and then discarded in four hours if time sensitive.