FAIRFIELD — Young people in Fairfield are telling residents to do their part in a public service announcement recently released by the town.

The video, posted on social media Thursday, sees students from Fairfield University, Sacred Heart University, Ludlowe High School and Warde High School talking about the importance of mask use to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the community.

“Just do your part. Wear your mask. It’s no big deal,” one Fairfield University student said in the video.

The video comes as Fairfield responds to an increase in cases, particularly among young people. In it, students encourage viewers to put their community first, not attend parties and wear a mask, adding it’s a sign of respect and show what’s right.

“It shows you care about other people,” another student said in the video.

About 1,015 people in Fairfield have tested positive for COVID-19 since Mid-March and 146 residents have died after contracting the disease, according to health department data from Oct. 16.

It’s also currently classified orange under the state’s new coronavirus classification system, a step below red, which is set aside for the towns with the highest infection rates. Fairfield’s rate was 12.6 cases per 100,000 people, the state reported Friday.

A sharp increase of cases at Fairfield University over past weeks caused much concern in the community. First Selectwoman Brenda Kupchick has said she was doing everything within her power to keep the community safe, noting it was her top priority.

As of Friday, there were 155 active cases among the Fairfield University population, the vast majority of them students. Sacred Heart’s data from Thursday reports a total of 67 active cases, more than half of them off campus.

It comes as the town handles its own cases in the schools. Last week, there were positive cases of COVID-19 at Riverfield and Holland Hill elementary schools, prompting the schools to close for the rest of the week and move classes online.

Town officials said they have been working closely with Sacred Heart and Fairfield universities, as well as the state to monitor surges in cases and come up with recommendations to mitigate the spread.

“We can beat this thing, but we all have to do it together,” another student said in the video.