A North Street man's four dogs were attacked by a coyote at the Brett Woods open space Wednesday afternoon.

The dogs' owner said he was taking the four dogs for a walk on one of the open space trails when they encountered an injured coyote, that attacked the dogs.

The man told police that the dogs fought with the coyote until he could pull them away. The coyote, he said, was injured and was barely able to walk. The coyote was still in the same spot when police and animal control officers arrived at the scene.

The injured coyote was put down by police and the carcass sent to the state lab for rabies testing.

The dogs' owner told police that all his pets' rabies vaccinations were up to date, but he planned to take them to a veterinarian to be checked for injuries, though he didn't believe any of them were hurt in the attack.

The incident followed by several days reports of a coyote, believed to be rabid, attacking a series of dogs and cats in northern Stamford neighborhoods.