I am a member of the Memorial Day Parade Committee. This is feedback from me. Each year I set up part of the first division’s military and convertibles for veterans that can no longer walk the 2-mile route. I never have seen the parade in my many years as a committee member so I read the Fairfield Citizen article. This year I thought it was well put together, however I feel that a picture is worth a thousand words.

This year’s pictures were of Warde’s band and citizens waiting to view the parade. I did not see one picture of a veteran. This year I put older veterans in 15 convertibles, along with other military vehicles and the 102nd military unit plus a fully decorated Army Ranger with his Hummer, yet not one picture of any of this. One veteran is 94 serving in WWII that I put in a 1911 Pope Hartford. His son told me it was a moment he will not forget. Too bad no picture was documented so the town could see how happy he was.

Fairfield has one of the best parades in the state I have been told. Next year please remember to also include some pictures of veterans. We serviced to allow you to print the news and so citizens can celebrate the day by remembering those that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Ron Drew

American Legion Post 143