They're pouring on the good taste.

Jeff Love and Jeff Stein -- two Fairfield friends and business associates -- have opened Dash 'N Drizzle, a shop that gives customers a chance to sample a variety of balsamic vinegars and olive oils, and purchase their favorites.

The shop at 11 Unquowa Road stocks 25 different varieties of olive oil from around the world -- Greece, Italy, South America. Customers can grab a piece of bread, fruit or a tiny cup, and sample white truffle, organic habanero and Tuscan herb oils. There are also 25 different kinds of vinegar from Italy, including chocolate, strawberry, pomegranate and espresso.

"It's about the palette," Love said. "It's about what you like ... what you enjoy."

Love said he also is pleased to be selling products that offer health benefits. "It's a much better product to use," he said of the oils, than butter, for example.

The store, just north of Unquowa Road's intersection with the Post Road, has a stylish appearance, lined with 15- and 20-liter silver canisters that hold the various oils and vinegars. Visitors are encouraged to taste and ask questions, as both owners are knowledgeable about the fare.

"It's a trend that's spreading from the West Coast to the East Coast," said Stein, who visited 40 other stores around the nation with similar merchandise before opening the shop in Fairfield. He said he knows of six or seven others in Connecticut, but he and Love felt the local community would be receptive.

"I worked in the hospitality business when I was younger," Stein said. "I cook and I was very intrigued by this concept."

He and Love met while working in the toy industry in 1997, after which they were involved in several different toy-related ventures.

In the coming weeks, Dash 'N Drizzle will open an adjacent room, where fresh herbs, syrup, local honey and other items will be sold.

"We're really going to try and support local vendors," Love said.

"We want to share this experience with the people of Fairfield," he said. "I knew they'd like this and we're really excited to do it."

For more information, call 203-292-9815 or visit