A 70-year-old Field Point Road resident was charged with driving under the influence Friday morning after a witness called police to report a reckless driver in the parking lot at 1160 Kings Highway Cut-off.

The witness told police the driver -- identified as Jane McAllister -- hit a curb in the parking lot and appeared disoriented. When officers arrived, the car was still running and the gear shift was in reverse. An officer had to reach into the car to put it in park and turn off the ignition, according to the report. After being asked for her license, police said McAllister attempted to start the car again. She was unable to get her license out her wallet and police said there was an odor of alcohol on her breath. McAllister had trouble standing on her own and was unable to comply with instructions, the report states.

She was released on a $250 bond to her husband's custody and is scheduled to appear Sept. 17 in Bridgeport Superior Court.